2011 Snow & Ice Damage & Etc

January 2011

Nasty times ~ Too much snow, then rain that iced over the snow ~ Eric had to get up on the porch roof and scrape, shovel & hack the darned stuff (bad ice dams) ~ The tarp Eric & CB put over the roof had leaks that they couldn't see...

The roof leaked & a big part of the kitchen ceiling fell down & up on the 2nd floor, water spewed down the walls & thru the ceiling ~ My canopy bed was a lake before I went upstairs!

Insurance company said; "New Roof" and more... Roof repairs were made (but the job has not been completed, yet) and the kitchen ceiling was done... My room has not been done yet, but at least the new roof over the room prevents any more damage!


"Nasty Storms! Eric Spent a Whole Day Getting Ice Dams & Snow off the Porch Roof!"



"Come in thru the Porch & Watch Out for the Drips!"



"Argh! The Ceiling is Leaking Water, too!"



"Dammit - the Ceiling Fell Down!"

"All Over the Floor!"   

"Can Hardly Get in the Back Door!" 

"Falling Ceiling Hurt Mom's Antiques"

Eric Deciding to Put Plastic Over Ceiling Opening



Stages of Work




Had to Get a New Ceiling Fan Light ~ Finally Found an Acceptable one Online:


"Wow! Ceiling's Done ~

But WHY Didn't You Ask if WE Wanted Popcorn!!??"






Well, at Least the Worst Section of the Roof is Reshingled ~ the Rest of the Roof Will Probably have to wait until Spring (Hope & Prayers!)...

The Kitchen Walls have been Repainted & (nearly) Everything that had to be Packed Up is Cleaned & Back in Place...


We're Getting Used to Popcorn...




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