Blizzard ~ October 2011


What fun!! We had 18 inches of heavy snow ~ Everything was quiet during the storm, then we heard what we thought was rifle fire! Found out that the noise was the trees breaking... Went outside to see, and saw a huge limb fall from one of the giant fir trees behind Gretchen's house...

The cracking & thudding (sometimes this felt like an earthquake) continued for hours!

Took some photos at night, then more the next morning... Here is what we saw around us... Click pix to view large size!

Crabapple (left) & Apple (right) Trees in Front Yard:



Curly Willow in Garden out Back - Knocked Down Birdfeeder:

The top rested on the porch roof ~ Leaned over so far that it pushed up the brick walk outside the porch! Think it needs to come down before the roots penetrate the cellar wall!

Can't See What's Under the Snow?

   It's My Car ~ on the Right 

Neighbors Just Up the Street

  And Gretchen's, Down the Drive:

Can You See the Shed? Tarp "protects" the Roof:    

Tree on Roof Over Mom's Bedroom:          

More Damage Around Us:


November 19 - Jack & Chris Drive from Sturbridge ~ Eric & Clarence Join in to Cut Down (& Cut Up) the Worst Trees!





FINALLY! DPW Comes to Collect the Debris!



More Photos are on 35mm Film, waiting to be developed... Please Watch for Additions!!

Thanks for Looking!!





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