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Think this is Wavellite - Wonderful Mounds of Crystals - Color may not be exact to actual rock

Weighs about 18 ounces - Measures 5" across, 3" wide, 2" deep.

Neat, huh??



Below will be photos of our treks to different places that have great rocks!

Will try to maintain some sort of order, and captions.


We've hammered & dug rocks at Herkimer Diamond Mines, Crystal Grove & Ruggles. All are in New York, and it's a fine drive up there from MA! Just keep to the speed limit in the first half of the NY Thruway, unless you like to be stopped by the State Guys!!


Coming back home, we took a slower route and "discovered" Sharon Springs! This had been a very popular Resort back "in the day" when going to a spa with natural hot springs!

It's changed, but the residents have been restoring many of the homes and old hotels. Very much worth a visit! And, the waters don't taste bad after a few sips!

We fell in love with the Town!!




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Updated Friday, April 24, 2015


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