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I'll be adding more favorites with stories as I get them photographed!!








Opera ~ Theatre ~ Story ~ Or?




I know I've seen this somewhere, but can't find it now. Need help, please.

Is it Gunther & Brunhilde? King Arthur & ?? Opera? Theatre? Artist's Imagination?

Measures 1 1/16" ~ Pierced ~ Low Convex ~ Silver ~ Nicely Detailed

Unmarked Sterling? Nearly black before being polished






"Gentlemen's" Buttons






Thought I'd post my old photos of the card ~ Sorry for the flash reflections!

Bought from Connie Winton, eons ago





Dip Buckle





Black japanned brass ~ Slightly raised Rococo design of a Cross(?)

Measures 1 3/4" across the safety pin part & 1 3/8" high

Shows less wear in person

Have a smaller, plain one with no medallion or other decoration ~ Photos to follow





Masonic Cuff Button





Found in my Father's "treasures" drawer today... This sweet button measures 5/8" High & 7/16" Wide (16mm x 11mm)... This button is shown in Warren Tice's book, "DATING BUTTONS", on page 272 ~ Figure D-40 #7 ~ Circa 1750-1820

Description:  The oval, one-piece specimen is struck with Masonic emblems. United States, or may have been made in England. Gilded Copper." (SOLD)




Bear Crest ~ Verbal





Cannot recall where I got this one, but it's a favorite (aren't they all?)

German Backmark is Assman & Sohne Manufacture, Dating Ca. the Third Reich

The Bear is a Symbol of Berlin ~ BVG stands for Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), or Berlin Transport Services ~ They run the Buses, Trolleys, Trains, etc. in the City

Many Thanks to Mike C. for the information about the Symbols! When had trouble sending an email, Mike went on eBay to send a message!! 




Old Satsuma



From Dorothy Foster Brown's Button Collection

Bought at Douglas Auctions in Deerfield, MA. in 1980's




There are 35 Butterflies - All have a lot of applied gold detailing which is hard to see in my photos. Measures 1 7/8" across - Oldest type of Satsuma shank has been fixed (by original owner - Dorothy Foster Brown) to accommodate wire, but it is strong.

I have it mounted in a small frame & hanging where I can always see it.

This button made me remember something I'd heard regarding "100 Butterflies" - Couldn't think of when or what, so Googled it - took some time to get the right word combination, but this is [finally!] what I found:

An ancient Chinese story of two young people who fall in love, but who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The wealthy girl's family does not want her to marry her lover, who comes from a poor family. Nothing can stop their love, and so the lovers together turn into two butterflies. They find a beautiful peony garden and have many children together, and have a happy life full of love.




Vermont Militia





Manufactured by Aaron M. Peasley circa 1820

Perfect condition! Found at a tiny antique shop - Seven on a small card!

Bought three (sold; unemployment forced me to sell)

The workmanship is astounding - beautiful details, even at this old age!

Warren Tice Verified that Peasley was the Maker

Wish I'd Kept Just One! At least I have Photos to Remember!




Gold Plated Golden Age ~ British Maker J. Mann




This was manufactured by Joseph Mann - He was listed as a button maker - in Birmingham, England - in 1805, and continued to 1843. McGuinn states that Mann made buttons for A.W. Spies and possibly for T. Potts.

Was his main manufacture in Golden Age buttons? I have seen a couple of military buttons, in Tice's books, produced by Mann.

This was given to me by an old family friend (who immigrated from England after WW2)... I like being able to show it off, as it's in Mint condition! The photo on the left shows the detail of the chasing, but the color is that of the other two photos. The button measures 1/2". The gilding is rosy gold, as seen in the photo of the back - done so finely that I had it tested to find out if it actually was gold - the answer: "Excellent Gold Plate"...




King Frederik VI of Denmark





Frederick VI (Born in Christiansborg, 28 January 1768 Died in Amalienborg, 3 December 1839) reigned as King of Denmark from 1808 to 1839, and as king of Norway from 1808 to 1814. He also served as Regent of Denmark from 1784 to 1808 under his father's name, just like his British cousin The Prince of Wales, later King George IV. His mother, Queen Caroline Mathilde, was a sister of King George III of the United Kingdom.


On Front: FR. VI.   REX DANIAE


This button also measures 1/2", and the wedge shank is lovely!

Loads of pix, to "show off" every angle!

Here is a portrait of the King, to compare with the button image:






Thank you for looking! Check back every so often to see if there's anything new!




Can you tell me anything more about these buttons??











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