FOREST PARK ~ Infrared Film

Back in the late 1970's, I read about the wonderful looking photos that using Infrared film could produce...

Decided to try it and see what the results would look like... I bought the film, loaded it into the camera in a dark room (just in case) and decided to go over to Forest Park ~ It was Spring & everything looked beautiful under the bright blue sky littered with fluffy clouds...


Here are the Results... No Particular Order...

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Lily Pond


Lily Pond View


Lily Pond Side


Another View


More Water Lilies


Walking Around Near Ponds


More Trees


Nice Bark


More Ponds!


And a Waterfall to Slide Down!




Picnic Area


Edge of Lake


Going Up to the Mausoleum & Tomb


The Mausoleum


Barney Family Tomb Under Mausoleum


From Another Direction

Keep Going to Look Out Over the Connecticut River

Statue of The Three Graces By Lookout


Close-up of Column at Tomb


Sphinx Guards the Tomb


The Three Graces


Different View


Adjusted Focus


The Statues have since been replaced with "fake" stone statues.

More another time, but this is a good beginning!












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