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"Our" Chipmunk ~ Nickname "Chippy"

Have seen two so far this year... First photos show him entering & exiting one of his holes... Smiled for the camera!! Hope you like the arrangement of old birdhouses!! He Likes the Sleeping Baby Deer Statue!


You'll need to look closely to see him in the last picture!! His hole is in the ground, right in front of the flowerpot... Last photo is the Plantation where we put little tidbits for Chippy to eat...


Visiting Painted Turtle


Came, Looked Around, Ate Breadcrumbs, Then Scooted Off!



"Our" Red Tailed Hawk

First time he swooped down thru our yard and landed on a tree at the back ~ Swooped right over the heads of three small children, their parents, & June ~ I was just coming out of the shed & missed the swoop, but caught him as best as possible with camera! Never knew they can swivel their heads around almost as well as an owl ~ Did you?

Another day, same hawk ~ This time I was ready & caught him in flight and perched on the telephone pole across from our front yard...

Next, he swooped over to an ancient oak tree next door, so we got more poses...

Wish the camera did more than 16X! He's such a magnificent thing, isn't he??!!

This is the guy who screeched at me, last October, from a tree not more than 25 feet away ~ His wingspan must be over 4 feet! The bird books say that it is the female that has the largest wingspan, so this one must have been the female! More power to her!!


"Our" Yellow Breasted Nuthatch

First shots have no birds, just to show the house the nuthatches chose to raise their family ~ The parents take turns being inside ~ Notice that the birds feed from their usual upside down position? So cute! As of June 22, we haven't heard any tiny cheeps...


Our Friends

Tony & Yumi relaxing out back... They moved to the Cape last December ~ Are less than 10 minutes away from our place ~ It's good to have old friends nearby!


Twins Samantha & Maggie, brother Jamieson before the Hawk Swooped just above their heads! The girls are 6 and Jamieson is 2 ~ All are beautiful! We got those cute beach chairs for the kids at the Harwich dump's good-as-new house...


From 2011 ~ With Jack & Lisa



The Gypsy Cart House

We love driving on side roads, looking at all the wonderful old homes and gardens ~ On our way to the Harwich Dump, we've always been intrigued by this place! There are at least Four antique Gypsy Carts on the property, as well as Antique autos and other things to make a person want to know who lives here ~ These photos show the view from left to right ~ Sorry that I didn't get shots of the gardens and greenhouse...

Coming in August ~ Another Marvel of a house with Wheels of all sorts!!!


The Rose Man

Went to an estate sale & noticed a massive amount of rose bushes that seemed to surround an old Cape house ~ Pulled into the drive on our way back ~ The owner was in the yard, so we asked if he'd mind if we took some pictures ~ We were invited to go into the garden "and enjoy!" ~ Spent half the time smelling each of the different roses ~ The owners both took time to talk with us and tell their story ~

Instead of telling you the story behind the roses, we invite you to see the website with many more Gorgeous photos ~ The story behind the blooms is very interesting, as well!

The whole garden was outstanding ~ Total Sensory Heaven!


Halloween ~ October

Witches Basking in the Sun ~ Route 6A

"Toto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Any More"


Corporation Beach ~ April

Took a quick ride to see how the beach looked, and just had to take these pix ~ Wind surfers packing up...


Now, doesn't the water look perfect?? I think it was somewhere around 45 degrees ~ Yikes!!


The Eagle's Nest

Driving around Chatham ~ Noticed what you see on the right ~ Turned off into the drive and got these two photos... Neat, huh?? Love that these are allowed to remain where they are!! Says something...


Indoors & Out

Just a sampling for now...

Top Row: Front Window ~ Front 2005 ~ Front 2011 ~ Flowers; Spring 2007

Walk up the Side & around Corner to the Back Yard

Backyard ~ Cookout ~ Inside Screenhouse 2011 ~ Lavendar 2011 & 2012

Backyard Blooms ~ (3rd from 2009) ~ Our Weathervane

Leaf "Frozen" on Old Telephone Pole & 1" Fern in Patio


Indoor Photos

Views of the Livingroom ~ Left to Right

1st: Hall Wall by Bookcase ~ Wall Above TV ~ Hutch Made by Great Aunt Lucia Comins

Kirsti's Bedroom ~ Left to Right ~ Lots of Italy on Walls

Last Photo: More (Heavy!) Books in Closet

More Indoor Views to Follow...



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