"The Big House" 2011


Just a few pix ~ Some "before" ~ Some "after"

Remembering the "Before" with Love...






Spring 2011



Entry Hall Stairway (Original Chandelier)



Stairway ~ 2nd Floor



Stairs up to 3rd Floor



Pantry ~ Slate Sink from Kitchen at far left



June at Slate Sink in Pantry



Gram's Bedroom Fireplace (not original light fixture!)



View of Rotunda from 2nd Floor ~ Missing Roof & Miniature Big House



Maid's Bathroom ~ Back of 2nd Floor (Original Fixtures!)



Sink in 2nd Floor Bathroom



Third Floor Ballroom (overlooks our house)



Looking Down Stairwell from 3rd Floor



Dining Room ~ Chandelier

Present Owner thinks it's Warerford (I think Italian)



Long Closet in Vestibule

Closets in the Big House are Many and Huge!



View of Gretchen's house from 2nd Floor



Another View of G's House



View of Our House from 3rd Floor Ballroom



Another View of Our House



Haidee Falconer Waters, Kirsten & Laundry ~ Back of Big House

Jimmy, Patty & children Haidee & Susan lived in the Ballroom from 1947- 1950 something



The Original ~ Written up in The Scientific American ~ 1898 Building Edition




And, a bit about the man who built the house:






Had no more Open House opportunities ~

New Neighbors are nice when spoken to, but keep to themselves. 








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