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Lois Pool's Golf Club Button Collection

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Golden Age "Watch Case" Look-Alike Buttons of Horn


Two Golden Age Watch Cases for Comparison ~ Right Image is Larger

Two Rimmed Horn ~ One Brown Horn

Sloped Sides look flat because Scanner has no Depth of Field

Sorry for the Dust & Dirt


~ Horn Buttons that look remarkably like Golden Age Buttons ~

Golden Age and Horn buttons are two of my favorite types of buttons. A few years ago, I noticed that a few of my horn buttons looked like Golden Age watch case buttons. This intrigued me, so I gathered all of my horn buttons to look more closely at each one. Those that looked like Golden Age were set aside. After all the horn buttons were off the cards, I took out my cards of Golden Age buttons and began comparing the two types.

The designs on both materials are similar. The horn buttons I own do not match exactly any Golden Age, but this does not mean there are no matches out there, just that I don't have enough of this type of horn. Someone who has amassed a large collection of horn buttons just may find some exact matches. The buttons of both materials have either a floral pattern or a geometric type design.

Since Golden Age buttons are not sew-through, all but one of the horn buttons pictures have inserted brass shanks. Like Golden Age, horn buttons often have backmarks, but not the same makers, and usually not American. Both kinds of buttons come in more than one size. A small sized horn with a face similar to a Golden Age is more difficult to find than the larger size. Another similarity - small sized Golden Age buttons are not plentiful either.

The horn buttons photograph poorly (too dark), so are lightened up to show the patterns. Some have the same shape, for instance, a raised, or cup-like center. Some have beveled borders with a pattern, and some have a rounded rim. I did not compare any of the D. Evans buttons to the horn, because Evans are not considered Golden Age. Too bad, because there are horn buttons with birds and other similar designs as the Evans. I have included two rimmed horn buttons just because the designs are similar.

This makes a very nice looking tray, and is a fun project! Maybe someone will create an award for this combination someday.




When I saw my first Popper, I was hooked! How lucky I was, when Connie Winton showed me three full cards that she had collected & was now selling!! Of course, I bought them right away! Have added more in the years since then...

The Label above was (still is) on one of the cards. If you want to copy it, feel free to do so!

Will try to remember to update this page with scans of the cards I have now... Until then, see below! 



True Slag Popper

Mostly Rich Chestnut with Slithers of Blue, Gray & White

Popper Raggedy Bottom Edge ~ Unusual Molded Shape

Very High Relief ~ Measures 1 3/16" Across & 3/8" Thick

Small Flake on Lower Edge (Huge in Pix)



My Popper Treasure


Eye Popping Popper ~ Oval Jewel ~ Fancy Claw Set / Mounted in Brass

With a Perfect Claw Set Border of Original Pastes ~ Loop Shank

The Silver Inclusions are the Dark Areas ~ Best seen in side view photo

Size is about 1 & 1/2" Long


Bought at an Antique Co-op ~ There were four. Gave two for Christmas gifts & sold one on eBay. The last one will stay here...